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Unforgettable PC space games

Unforgettable PC space games

By on Sep 2, 2016 in Gaming World |

With the 21st century at hand, we might not yet be capable of conquering and exploring space, but it doesn’t stop us from imagining what that would look like.  And the imagination is the key inspiration for these game developers that made sure to present us with some ideas on how space can look like and what we can do there. If you like space and science fiction, these games are a must-see for you.

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Star Trek Online

As if the love of space was not enough, combined with Star Trek series popularity, we present you this online game that is sure to stimulate your imagination with the franchise nostalgia.

Take a trip through space and down the ST memory lane while you visit series historical locations and meet NPC from this familiar universe. Star track is an amazing online experience where you can be in space farther and boldly go where no one has gone before.



If you ever had ambitions to conquer the galaxy – here is a game for you. Use your cunning and form alliances, betray partners and climb to the top of the galactic throne. The game is insanely detailed, and options for different strategies are numerous.

You can discover other civilization’s advanced technologies, dabble in the economy, influence politics or become a powerful warlord and conquer it all. The map is the size of a galaxy, so there are plenty of spots to explore and seeing how the No Man’s Sky receives severe critics, you might want to stick with this one.

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EVE: Online

With around 500.000 players online, EVE is already one of the greatest achievements in the gaming industry and the dream of many developers.

Now, combine that with the fact that all these players are playing on the same map, same space, same universe, where the actions of a player influence everything around them, and you get a recipe for awesome. The immersive world of EVE has made a community around it and made the game one of the most famous in the world, so you really must try it.


Kerbal Space Program

To take a break from the space battles and conquest, we present you a surprising twist on the space games genre: the Kerbal. This game has none of those multiplayer, space exploring, asteroid mining, warfaring features seen in most games set in space. Instead, you will be playing as an engineer attempting to send a rocket to space.

First, with a lot of trial and error you will need to figure out how to get the rocket off the ground and then send it in the orbit. After that, you can start thinking about a Moon landing and conquering other planets. The game is very realistic and brings a lot of interesting factors into play, making it a unique experience for any player.

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