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The Evolution of Gaming

The Evolution of Gaming

By on Aug 16, 2016 in Gaming World, RPG, Virtual Gaming |

Since the first appearance of video games, people in the gaming industry was trying to improve the way video games are perceived. Game developers always had in mind what player want to see and experience while playing them or at least tried their best to understand gamers need. This made the progress of creating better and better games as well as consoles to play on. The first PlayStation console was released in 1994 by Sony, more than twenty years ago. If we look at what games looked like then and now we can notice the progress in the gaming industry.

How it used to be

There weren’t many games that were noticed back then, when every game was mostly 2D, with poor graphics but good story line. Gamers were used to that graphics back then and focused on the story while evaluating the game.

Games like Crash Bandicoot had a great storyline, where you follow the adventures of Crash as he ventures deeper in the Jungle trying to resolve problems that his creator and nemesis Doctor Neo Cortex has created. They were fun to play despite the fact that graphics was poor.

Games today

As game industry progressed and games improved their graphics and physic system, developer companies started focusing on bringing the best visuals in the game thus losing the quality of a story. This wasn’t the case with every game, but the fact is that a good story line started to disappear from games.

Nowadays there are games with stunning visual effects, but the less impressive storyline and that seems to be the direction in which game developers are going. There are certain game titles that had sequels that ruined their quality, and game developers were just trying to earn more money with them giving what we already saw with few or little changes.

Technology has evolved to that extent that every game that is released has amazing graphics but not every game of that sort is worth playing.

Future gaming

We hope to see the quality of older games storyline with modern graphics, and if companies in the gaming industry are really interested in what we have to say about modern games is to bring back the story and make games less linear. No one likes a game where you are stuck in one direction of where things are going. Gamers want freedom in movement as games are made to be fun. VR technology is amazing, and we sure hope to see some great game titles available on VR, where graphics aren’t as good as modern games on consoles and PC, but they are at least fun to play, and that is all that matters. How we as consumers perceive what games should be is important for the gaming industry and if developers are paying any attention to our suggestion we will soon start to enjoy games like we used to.

Whatever future gaming holds for our true games we hope that we will not be disappointed and still be able to enjoy a good storyline in the game.

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