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Tackling bosses in Dark Souls 2 – The Watcher and The Defender

Tackling bosses in Dark Souls 2 – The Watcher and The Defender

By on Sep 26, 2016 in Gaming World |

Bosses in the Dark Souls 2 are hard to take down. Some people give up after several deaths while others keep on pushing until they defeat their enemies. A good portion of those, who give up, go online to find a guide that will help them.

Some people find it hard to defeat the Giant Lord. This fight is very straightforward and easy as you have already defeated The Last Giant. Moves of the boss are completely the same as the boss you encounter at the beginning. Keep on attacking its legs and dodging the stomp attacks. It might take longer to defeat this giant than it took with the last one, but you will defeat it.


The Watcher and the Defender

It’s hard to take down these two bosses because you have to face them in a one on two battle. Both of these bosses have two basic fight patterns, the short combo of hits for a close range combat and a lunge attack when you go too far from them.

The Watcher is agile, while Defender hits harder. The best way to fight against them is to keep them both in sight. If one goes out of your line of view, then you have already lost the battle. You shouldn’t focus on one boss, but alter your focus between the two of them. Keep one boss out of the range of his melee attacks and strike the other once or twice.

Fall back and do the same with the other enemy. Keep at it until you defeat them. Be sure to kill them both in a short time frame. If you kill one, and the other is standing then, the other one might stand up. Plan out your fight to take both of them down in 30 seconds (time between them both fall. The primary tactic you will have to use is strafing. Keep on it throughout the fight and you will take both bosses down without losing health.



Nashandra may seem tough, but for a player who knows her moves, she isn’t anything serious. When the battle starts don’t charge this boss, let her come to you. Staying at the entrance will keep you safe from dark objects that throw curses when you stand near them.

This boss has two attack patterns, two horizontal swipes, and vertical attack. Keep on blocking (or evading) her attacks and retaliate with an attack or two between her patterns. If you pull back from her she will launch a projectile made from Darkness, so don’t do that.

When she loses around 50 percent of her health, Nashandra’s hand will become covered in Darkness. Her next attack is deadly so pull back and evade it. After that, she will once again summon objects that will damage you. Get to the other side of the room and wait for her to come. Repeat the original strategy until she dies. And there you have it, Nashandra’s defeat.

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