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Some Awesome Facts About Agario You Really Should Know

By on Feb 10, 2017 in Gaming World |

Every player of Agario knows that the game is played by swallowing other cells without getting swallowed yourself by bigger ones.

Because of the massive popularity that Agario has attained, it naturally attracts millions of players all over the world.

Assuming that there are hundreds of players playing it together in a single day, you can already imagine the challenge that faces you to increase the size of your cell.

Fortunately you have found our blog which may be able to help you with these useful tips.

Popping Dead Cells

It can be very annoying to some players that Agario needs to be played through the internet. Games weren’t like that before, but it seems these days it is a necessity. It can be difficult to try out cheats with the internet running, but Agario cheats and Agario hacks are still being used by many and seen as an effective measure in keeping your cell alive as long as you can.

Your cell will die if you get disconnected from the internet. Technically, your cell will then be considered a dead one and become static which makes it easy prey for any lurking larger cells. If this happens to someone during the game you can then explode there dead cell by firing a virus at it which will cause it to split into hundreds of tiny cells.

A Single Cells Maximum Mass

You need to be aware that a size limit exists and when your cell reaches a mass of 22,500 it will automatically split in two. When this happens you cannot merge the cells back together. However the benefit of this is that you will have two faster moving cells rather than one large cumbersome one.

Cells Can Eat Viruses

Before you attempt to eat up the viruses on the leader board, there are two things you need to do first. You will need sixteen cells and a single cell that is big enough that it can swallow up viruses. A Mass of between 600 to 700 is enough to swallow them up. Eating the viruses is only possible if you have split your cells into sixteen. This number is also the maximum number of splits allowed in the Agario game.

Combine all of this knowledge with the Agario hacks that are readily available online, great post to read, and you can survive so much longer in the game.

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