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Some Awesome Facts About Agario You Really Should Know

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Every player of Agario knows that the game is played by swallowing other cells without getting swallowed yourself by bigger ones.

Because of the massive popularity that Agario has attained, it naturally attracts millions of players all over the world.

Assuming that there are hundreds of players playing it together in a single day, you can already imagine the challenge that faces you to increase the size of your cell.

Fortunately you have found our blog which may be able to help you with these useful tips.

Popping Dead Cells

It can be very annoying to some players that Agario needs to be played through the internet. Games weren’t like that before, but it seems these days it is a necessity. It can be difficult to try out cheats with the internet running, but Agario cheats and Agario hacks are still being used by many and seen as an effective measure in keeping your cell alive as long as you can.

Your cell will die if you get disconnected from the internet. Technically, your cell will then be considered a dead one and become static which makes it easy prey for any lurking larger cells. If this happens to someone during the game you can then explode there dead cell by firing a virus at it which will cause it to split into hundreds of tiny cells.

A Single Cells Maximum Mass

You need to be aware that a size limit exists and when your cell reaches a mass of 22,500 it will automatically split in two. When this happens you cannot merge the cells back together. However the benefit of this is that you will have two faster moving cells rather than one large cumbersome one.

Cells Can Eat Viruses

Before you attempt to eat up the viruses on the leader board, there are two things you need to do first. You will need sixteen cells and a single cell that is big enough that it can swallow up viruses. A Mass of between 600 to 700 is enough to swallow them up. Eating the viruses is only possible if you have split your cells into sixteen. This number is also the maximum number of splits allowed in the Agario game.

Combine all of this knowledge with the Agario hacks that are readily available online, great post to read, and you can survive so much longer in the game.

Bike Race Game hacks you can use to boost your score

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Bike Race Game hacks you can use to boost your score

The bike race game has now become a very popular game. Thousands of people play this game because of the special features and effects in this game that no other games equal. And there are a lot of ways and steps on how to win in this game or eventually become the best bike race rider.

But some gamers resort to using the bike race hack tool, not because they have no hope of winning or not because they do not know how to play and win the game but because these players who use bike race cheats want to add more fun and excitement to the game. Sometimes waiting for an upgrade for a special feature of the game will usually take some days.

Believe it or not, even the expert players use bike race hacks, because they do not want to get bored while playing the game or whilst waiting for a new feature of the game. It may sound absurd, but the best option you can have to enjoy and have fun while playing the bike race game is to engage yourself into the online hack generators of the bike race game.

There are a lot of players who use these cheats and hacks for other reasons than just winning, they just want to add more fun and excitement while they play the bike race game by getting to the next stage or upgrading their bikes

These online game generators can help you succeed and become the best player in the bike race game. However, you need to know the basic and essential skills first. These cheats and hacks do not give you an instant win in the game, but these things will help you get the best chances of winning the bike race games.

Overall, you still need to undergo the process of mastering and to learn the skills and tactics in the game. Learning the basic skills of the game will add more to your chances of winning in the bike race game.

Just a reminder to you, these cheats and hacks do not exist for players who cannot win a single race, but these things exist to add more fun, excitement, and enjoyment of the game because admit it, games can become boring especially when you have been playing the game over and over again. If you want to try out some Bike Race cheats look at this site.

Tackling bosses in Dark Souls 2 – The Watcher and The Defender

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Tackling bosses in Dark Souls 2 – The Watcher and The Defender

Bosses in the Dark Souls 2 are hard to take down. Some people give up after several deaths while others keep on pushing until they defeat their enemies. A good portion of those, who give up, go online to find a guide that will help them.

Some people find it hard to defeat the Giant Lord. This fight is very straightforward and easy as you have already defeated The Last Giant. Moves of the boss are completely the same as the boss you encounter at the beginning. Keep on attacking its legs and dodging the stomp attacks. It might take longer to defeat this giant than it took with the last one, but you will defeat it.


The Watcher and the Defender

It’s hard to take down these two bosses because you have to face them in a one on two battle. Both of these bosses have two basic fight patterns, the short combo of hits for a close range combat and a lunge attack when you go too far from them.

The Watcher is agile, while Defender hits harder. The best way to fight against them is to keep them both in sight. If one goes out of your line of view, then you have already lost the battle. You shouldn’t focus on one boss, but alter your focus between the two of them. Keep one boss out of the range of his melee attacks and strike the other once or twice.

Fall back and do the same with the other enemy. Keep at it until you defeat them. Be sure to kill them both in a short time frame. If you kill one, and the other is standing then, the other one might stand up. Plan out your fight to take both of them down in 30 seconds (time between them both fall. The primary tactic you will have to use is strafing. Keep on it throughout the fight and you will take both bosses down without losing health.



Nashandra may seem tough, but for a player who knows her moves, she isn’t anything serious. When the battle starts don’t charge this boss, let her come to you. Staying at the entrance will keep you safe from dark objects that throw curses when you stand near them.

This boss has two attack patterns, two horizontal swipes, and vertical attack. Keep on blocking (or evading) her attacks and retaliate with an attack or two between her patterns. If you pull back from her she will launch a projectile made from Darkness, so don’t do that.

When she loses around 50 percent of her health, Nashandra’s hand will become covered in Darkness. Her next attack is deadly so pull back and evade it. After that, she will once again summon objects that will damage you. Get to the other side of the room and wait for her to come. Repeat the original strategy until she dies. And there you have it, Nashandra’s defeat.

Unforgettable PC space games

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Unforgettable PC space games

With the 21st century at hand, we might not yet be capable of conquering and exploring space, but it doesn’t stop us from imagining what that would look like.  And the imagination is the key inspiration for these game developers that made sure to present us with some ideas on how space can look like and what we can do there. If you like space and science fiction, these games are a must-see for you.

1st image post

Star Trek Online

As if the love of space was not enough, combined with Star Trek series popularity, we present you this online game that is sure to stimulate your imagination with the franchise nostalgia.

Take a trip through space and down the ST memory lane while you visit series historical locations and meet NPC from this familiar universe. Star track is an amazing online experience where you can be in space farther and boldly go where no one has gone before.



If you ever had ambitions to conquer the galaxy – here is a game for you. Use your cunning and form alliances, betray partners and climb to the top of the galactic throne. The game is insanely detailed, and options for different strategies are numerous.

You can discover other civilization’s advanced technologies, dabble in the economy, influence politics or become a powerful warlord and conquer it all. The map is the size of a galaxy, so there are plenty of spots to explore and seeing how the No Man’s Sky receives severe critics, you might want to stick with this one.

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EVE: Online

With around 500.000 players online, EVE is already one of the greatest achievements in the gaming industry and the dream of many developers.

Now, combine that with the fact that all these players are playing on the same map, same space, same universe, where the actions of a player influence everything around them, and you get a recipe for awesome. The immersive world of EVE has made a community around it and made the game one of the most famous in the world, so you really must try it.


Kerbal Space Program

To take a break from the space battles and conquest, we present you a surprising twist on the space games genre: the Kerbal. This game has none of those multiplayer, space exploring, asteroid mining, warfaring features seen in most games set in space. Instead, you will be playing as an engineer attempting to send a rocket to space.

First, with a lot of trial and error you will need to figure out how to get the rocket off the ground and then send it in the orbit. After that, you can start thinking about a Moon landing and conquering other planets. The game is very realistic and brings a lot of interesting factors into play, making it a unique experience for any player.

The Evolution of Gaming

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The Evolution of Gaming

Since the first appearance of video games, people in the gaming industry was trying to improve the way video games are perceived. Game developers always had in mind what player want to see and experience while playing them or at least tried their best to understand gamers need. This made the progress of creating better and better games as well as consoles to play on. The first PlayStation console was released in 1994 by Sony, more than twenty years ago. If we look at what games looked like then and now we can notice the progress in the gaming industry.

How it used to be

There weren’t many games that were noticed back then, when every game was mostly 2D, with poor graphics but good story line. Gamers were used to that graphics back then and focused on the story while evaluating the game.

Games like Crash Bandicoot had a great storyline, where you follow the adventures of Crash as he ventures deeper in the Jungle trying to resolve problems that his creator and nemesis Doctor Neo Cortex has created. They were fun to play despite the fact that graphics was poor.

Games today

As game industry progressed and games improved their graphics and physic system, developer companies started focusing on bringing the best visuals in the game thus losing the quality of a story. This wasn’t the case with every game, but the fact is that a good story line started to disappear from games.

Nowadays there are games with stunning visual effects, but the less impressive storyline and that seems to be the direction in which game developers are going. There are certain game titles that had sequels that ruined their quality, and game developers were just trying to earn more money with them giving what we already saw with few or little changes.

Technology has evolved to that extent that every game that is released has amazing graphics but not every game of that sort is worth playing.

Future gaming

We hope to see the quality of older games storyline with modern graphics, and if companies in the gaming industry are really interested in what we have to say about modern games is to bring back the story and make games less linear. No one likes a game where you are stuck in one direction of where things are going. Gamers want freedom in movement as games are made to be fun. VR technology is amazing, and we sure hope to see some great game titles available on VR, where graphics aren’t as good as modern games on consoles and PC, but they are at least fun to play, and that is all that matters. How we as consumers perceive what games should be is important for the gaming industry and if developers are paying any attention to our suggestion we will soon start to enjoy games like we used to.

Whatever future gaming holds for our true games we hope that we will not be disappointed and still be able to enjoy a good storyline in the game.

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